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Vegetation Growth

While many housing disrepair claims against landlords will naturally revolve around the state of living in terms of the interior of a rented property, there can also be scenarios where a claim can be brought for overgrown vegetation on the exterior.

Plumbing & Drainage Problems

Given that UK law states that landlords are obliged to make certain repairs to a property without passing on the cost of any repair work to tenants, issues with plumbing and drainage are among the most important to have fixed.

Unsafe Flooring & Stairs

A significant part of this is making sure all fixtures and fittings in the interior won’t cause you or those you live with significant harm, with unsafe flooring and stairs a potential hazard requiring urgent attention – especially if you live with children or elderly relatives.

Rotting Windows

If you are a tenant living in a housing association, council house or private rented property, you might be wondering whether you can claim against your landlord for rotting window frames.


There are probably fewer more distressing sights or sounds as a tenant in a rented property than seeing a mouse or rat scurrying through rooms in your house, or scratch against cavity walls while you’re trying to sleep.

Damaged/Worn Brickwork

When living as a tenant in a private rented property, housing association, or council house, damaged or worn brickwork is a fairly common issue that can need resolving.

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Our Responsibility

The House Disrepair Team are experienced in Consumer Claims and have already assisted customers across England and Wales with help in receiving compensation for their Housing Disrepair Claim.
HDC (House Disrepair Claims) have been providing high quality services within the consumer claims market for years. We offer national coverage and work with established and proven partners.

Our Approach

Our nationwide panels of RICS certified surveyors and established Solicitor panel work hand in hand with our customer care team to ensure each step of the claims process is smooth, efficient and above all effective.

Our Mission

We will work with you to ensure that every aspect of your claim is compliant and prepared with the greatest care focused on giving us the highest chances of success together.
All on a no win no fee basis.

What You Can claim For

--> Damp, Mould, Fungus (Respiratory Illness)
-->Defective Boiler
-->Defective Windows/Doors
-->Internal/External Structural Damage
-->Pests or Vermin (Insects/Mouse Infestation)
-->Leaks, flooding, water Damage or other type of disrepair
-->Defective/Dangerous Electrics
-->Asbestos Related Illness

Basic Requirements:

--> Disrepair must be reported to council or housing association
--> It must not be caused by the tenant
--> The council or housing association must have failed to repair